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How you’re helping cancer patients

The money you raise will make a vital difference to cancer patients at The Royal Marsden and around the world. Your fundraising will:

  • Help us to pioneer the very latest equipment and influence how cancer is treated worldwide
  • Fund research to bring about breakthroughs in cancer treatment
  • Help make the fastest diagnosis and best treatments available to all
  • Mean we can offer personalised care to meet each individual’s needs

Andrea’s Story

When you take part in The Marsden Marathon, you’ll be going the distance for patients like Andrea, who was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer in 2016. Andrea said:

“At the time I was diagnosed, my youngest daughter was doing her A-Levels and I wasn’t sure I would get to see her go to university.

When I walked through the doors of The Royal Marsden I felt safe. The level of care from the staff was incredible and it made my diagnosis much easier to deal with.”

 “I had six cycles of chemotherapy and a radical hysterectomy. The ward I was treated on is lovely. You remember that you’re in a hospital but having the bright calm environment makes a real difference.“

 “Thanks to The Royal Marsden, scans have come back showing no evidence of the disease for the last three years. It feels amazing and has meant I have been able to see my daughters reach the next stage of their lives. My youngest daughter has recently completed her final year at university and my eldest has started her first job.”

The Royal Marsden puts patients at the heart of its work, supporting them at every stage of their cancer journey. With your help we can continue to fund the latest research and equipment, patient environments, and world-leading professionals, to ensure patients like Andrea can be given the very best treatment and care.

Go the distance this September, and help change the lives of more people like Andrea.